Key Stage Two

As with all children at IPS, children develop their potential at their own rate and they will always be encouraged to do their best at all times.

The National Curriculum of England is followed and the curriculum as in Key Stage 1 but at the Key Stage 2 level, is also adapted for our international student body. Topics are planned to incorporate cross curricular links and to promote international mindedness. Further details of this can be found in the topic titles.


KS2 Class - T-Shirt design - Sept 12 137The following subjects are taught in all classes:

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Foundation Subjects

  • Portuguese
  • Design Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Computing
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Art


Assessment and Testing

Ongoing assessments and tests are used throughout Key Stages One and Two to track pupils' progress.

At the end of Key Stage Two (Year Six) tests set by GOV.UK are taken at IPS to give a formal grading in English and Mathematics. Completed tests are sent to UKESS (UK) for external marking.

These test results are of use to the number students at IPS who will be continuing with their education in a National Curriculum of England school,  informing them of their ability within these subjects. International schools worldwide will also recognise these tests as a benchmark of quality assurance, even if they do not administer the same curriculum.

We are extremely proud with recent test results at both Key Stage One and Two which goes to show that our curriculum and approach to Primary education is both sound and successful.

New tests

From 2016, KS2 national curriculum test outcomes will no longer be reported using levels. Scaled scores will be used instead.

There will only be one set of tests for each subject. The tests will include a small number of questions designed to assess the most able pupils so separate tests, such as the previous level 6 tests, are no longer required.

The mental mathematics test has been replaced with an arithmetic test.

The KS2 tests consist of:

  • English reading: reading booklet and associated answer booklet
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: short answer questions
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling
  • Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
  • Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning
  • Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning



From 2016, scaled scores will be used to report national curriculum test outcomes.

For the KS2 tests a scaled score of 100 will represent the ‘expected standard’.

Each pupil registered for the tests will receive:

  • a raw score (the number of marks awarded)
  • a scaled score
  • and confirmation of whether or not they attained the expected standard