Topic Titles

Below are the Topic Titles for the various year groups in the school.

At IPS we adopt a 'cross curricular' approach to teaching and learning; each subject taught links to the topic title wherever possible in order to make learning meaningful for the children.

Literacy is at the very forefront of learning and therefore permeates all topics in a very natural way. All other subjects make links within the specific theme where appropriate, but don’t necessarily get ‘forced in’ as there are specific skills which need to be taught that don’t necessarily ‘fit’ (e.g. Mathematics, Portuguese language teaching / Physical Education).

We hope you find the topic titles useful and that they give you a general idea of what your child will be learning. They will hopefully inspire you to support your child's learning through purchasing books, DVDs, etc, or by visiting museums both locally and in other countries. You might even be able to offer skills or knowledge in a certain area and come in to share with the children in class!  

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