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At IPS we believe in the all round education of the children in our care. Our curriculum is further enriched through theatre visits, educational field trips, visiting authors, poets and story tellers, through playing in and hosting sports tournaments, and through end of year camps. A range of extra-curricular activities are also on offer once the day’s lessons have ended.

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These and many more are a very special and important part of what IPS has to offer.


  • Pastoral Care

Children at IPS are encouraged and expected to show kindness and respect for one another and for the environment. We strive to promote positive behaviour in all aspects of school life. Our aim is to have a fair and consistent approach to establishing a safe, orderly and positive school environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place. 

We offer consistent positive recognition in the form of rewards that pupils will receive for following the Golden Rules

Links: Positive Behaviour PolicyAnti-Bulling Policy.


  • Library

IMG 2736 v2A focal point of the school, the library has both fiction and non-fiction books for all ages. It is widely used for story telling by teachers and parents, as well as visiting authors and professional story tellers. 

Recently we have been entertained by story tellers from the Roald Dahl Museum in England   camera image  (a first for them, as they had never performed in a school outside of the UK before) and by Niall de Burca, one of Ireland's finest traditional storytellers.

Other internationally renowned authors from Australia and USA, as well as local Portuguese authors and publishers, have also visited the IPS library to enrich and extend the love of reading with our pupils.

Links:  Reading information for parents 


  • Student Council

Children in Key Stage Two have the opportunity to become involved in our Student Council should they wish to. Elected members canvas opinions from all children in their classes and across the school. Regular meetings with staff members ensure that all members of the school community have a voice in the running and ongoing improvement of our school.

  • House Teams

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Children are organised into House Teams when they first arrive at IPS, and remain in their respective ‘House’ throughout their time with us. They are encouraged to earn House or Team Points through positive and polite behaviour, as well as academic, artistic and sportive achievements, “Trying hard and doing our best” is just as important as “winning” or “being the best”. 

There are four House Teams at IPS, organised into colours: Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. All children from the same family are placed in the same House Team to avoid complications at home!

                                                                              Sports Day is always a lot of fun and encourages children to work together in their House Teams.



  • Drama Productions

IMG 9602All children have the opportunity to participate in school shows and musicals throughout the year. Content is always age appropriate and the focus changes from year to year to avoid repetition.

A local theatre is often hired for the occasion with older children, whereas our younger pupils perform at school in a more familiar setting.

These productions are lots of fun for the whole family and a great chance for parents to meet each other and see your children perform.



  • Team Sports


Older children (Year Four upwards) can be selected for the school teams depending on the season and the sport. At present we have both girls’ and boys’ teams for football, basketball and cross country. Matches are usually after school from 4-6pm either at IPS or at another host school. Weekend tournaments are also organised with other schools, and occasionally these will be held further afield in the Algarve.

Tournaments with other International Schools in Portugal are held throughout the school year:

Autumn Term: Girls' football and boys' basketball

Spring Term: Cross country (boys and girls).

Summer Term: Boys' football and girls' basketball.

We are always very proud of our teams however they do, but the boys did especially well last year! This year, in the first tournament at CAISL we had so many children who wanted to participate in the team sports, we actually entered two girls and boys teams for their respective sports.


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