Class Parents

The class parent provides a link between parents and teachers. (Of course, parents are still free to approach the class teacher on an individual basis.)

The class parent will organise coffee mornings so class parents have a chance to mingle and discuss ideas. He/She provides practical help for the teacher by organising mothers to accompany the field trips or helping out in the classroom, but much depends on the individual needs and personality of the teacher and the class parent themselves as to how the role develops.

The table below gives you the names of the parents who volunteered last school year. Teachers are still coordinating with all parents from their class to organise one or two class parents for this year. As soon as this is done we will make a new table for your information. Should you like to contact them and do not know their email address, please use the PTA email address and your email will be forwarded.


CLASS PARENTS FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 2015-16                                 


Class Parent


Class Parent



Nursery P

Simone Grácio

Yr.3 H



Nursery I

Sonia Lavoura

Yr.3 S

Alena Ustsinovich

Lyn Wang Nyberg

Rec. D

Audrey Levine


Yr4 V




Rec. S

Carolina Leal

Yr.4 A

Diane Thomson

Mhairi Sweenie

Yr.1 H

Diane Thomson

Mhairi Sweenie


Yr.5 H


Henrike van Winsen; Celine Botelho

Ingrid Huijsmans-Peek; Joanne Park

Yr.1 T




Yr.5 M


Yr.2 R



Yr.6 H

Claire Honigsbaum

Yr.2 H

Erika Besana

Catarina Cardoso Guerin

Yr. 6 W