School Transport

For the past 20 years, IPS has worked closely with Goldcoche-tur Transport, a company which has a small fleet of its own buses which we use to pick up about 50 children a day. Buses are clean and well maintained. 

We are always looking to better our service and to this end we are also installing GPS units into our buses. These will be linked to an app. which will be available for download onto your smart phone which will inform you of the arrival of your children. This will be trialled initally at the beginning of the school year but bear with us and we will try to get it to you as soon as possible.  

The service is door to door from Lisbon to Cascais, but if you live too far from the usual zones then a pick up point or an alternative needs to be found.

Every effort is made to ensure that children do not spend too long on the buses, but inevitably the further away parents live from school the longer the journey will be.

Charges are dependent upon the distance from home to school. Details of these charges can be found in our 'Fee' page.