Instead of providing your child with his or her own packed lunch everyday, the ‘school meal’ alternative has proved very popular with children of all ages.Dining room 3560

To help with this, IPS has employed the services of a local catering company to plan, freshly prepare and to cook meals in the school kitchen.

As an introduction, Aldeia Catering writes …

Over the last five years the whole structure of school meals have change dramatically in England and the government has forced schools to look closely at the way they buy, prepare and serve school meals. Benefits from this initiative show that behavioral problems have been reduced, memory and concentration levels have been increased and there has been a slight reduction in obesity amongst school children. Good news for all school children having that important lunch time meal.

Providing the essential fresh ingredients for a healthy diet is what Aldeia Catering has been doing for the last 12 years. Long before new guidelines were introduced into schools we were taking fresh produce and converting it into a healthy, well balanced menu that the children have grown to love.

As an extension of the class room, the dining room should stimulate your child. We believe that the lunch time environment should be fun and where all children grow and learn to appreciate the different “foods” eaten throughout the world. Children should enjoy and experiment with different tastes, flavors and textures. Cooking lunch for over 20 different nationalities each day is a challenge but the weekly menu is designed with all children in mind so they receive a nutritional, balanced diet that includes grilled, baked, boiled and fried food over the five day period. We also try and include a “fun/fast food” day where possible. Alternatives for children who have specific dietary needs whether it is for an allergy problem or for religious purposes are usually provided.

Welcome to IPS ... Welcome to Aldeia Catering, we look forward to serving you.

Aldeia Catering gladly accepts suggestions and ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact them via their facebook page.  

Follow the menu link to see what is on offer for the current month.