Facts and Figures for 2018-19

There are always a number of facts and figures available, some interesting and others not so interesting! We have listed perhaps some of the more pertinent ones but please contact us should you require any different ones.

This school year at IPS we have:

  • About 300 children; Our numbers fluctuate during the year as families come and go. 
  • Nationalities - 37 so far. See graph below. Try the pdf if this is difficult to read ..  pdf v3
  • 16 classes - two per year group; Nursery to Year 6 inclusive. This is our maximum.
  • Average is about 18 children per class. Some have a few more, some a few less. Our maximum this year is 20 in a class.
  • Staff to pupil ratio of 1:8. Includes teaching assistants in all classes from Nursery to Year 2 and additional support teachers.

Nationalities of enrolment at start of 2018-19

There is usually an even split of nationalities within each class and when year groups are organised this is something that is considered. Class sizes have been fairly consistent for the last few years and with the support teachers and teaching assistants available, IPS can offer excellent individual attention to all children whether they are high fliers or in need of a little extra support.